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          Welcome your visit at website of Anqing Changhong Chemical Co., Ltd. ! 中文版 | ENGLISH
          Anqing Changhong Chemical Co., Ltd.
          ABOUT US

          Anqing Changhong Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the Daguan Economic Development Zone of Anqing. Anqing is located in the southwest of Anhui province and the North Bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is the most famous port city along the Yangtze River. There are "Wan Li Chang Jiang this seal, Wu Chu branch of the first state".

          Anqing City Changhong Chemical Co., Ltd. based on independent innovation in the enterprise's development process, has independent intellectual property rights, has won a number of national invention patents. At present, the main projects of the company are scattered blue 359, disperse red FB, disperse yellow 54, manganese zinc series products, o-nitrobenzaldehyde, and an annual output of emetic. At the same time supporting the production of a amino hydrazine and bromine.

          Anqing Changhong Chemical Co., Ltd. In the process of the development of the enterprise, it was devoted to technological innovation and developed a clean production process of brominate, monoamine anthraquinone and disperse red FB successively. The problem of high pollution and high emission in the process of product production has been solved in the process of production. It has realized the leading advantage of advanced technology, friendly environment and high quality.

          Anqing Changhong Chemical Co., Ltd. In the process of development, we must stick to the concept of "taking the initiative as the foundation, technology first and market as the guide". We should uphold the development concept of "no one has me and you have me", and dedicate the society to high-end products and excellent services.

          Quality policy: pursuit of excellent quality, create top class product, exceed customer's espectation, continuous improvement
          Enterprise tenet: market oriented, technology driven, quality first, high reputation, benefit priority
          Company target: pursuit of large benefit, provide high-quality product, develop with all colleagues

          Anqing Changhong Chemical Co., Ltd. Copyright(C)2016 All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle
          Key Products: Dyes series Amine series Bromine series Heterocycle series  Manganese carbonate
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